A single ADI/Motorola/TI floating point DSP chip capable of performing up to 250 Million instructions per second.
An optional mezzanine board, increasing the processing throughput to over 1 Billion instructions per second.
A daisy chaining cable allowing multiple boards to be daisy chained to achieve virtually any throughput.
All the components necessary to perform data acquisition and digital to analog conversion, eliminating the need to purchase separate hardware.
A standardized interface for custom electronics (analog down converters, ultra high speed A/D, etc.).
Expandable external memory up to 32 MB.
Application downloading through an external EPROM (FLASH) or directly from the PC via the PCI Bus.





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DSP SystemBuilder

DSP SystemBuilder is an innovative product from SRS, Inc. which allows users to create and execute real-time (RT) applications using a standard Pentium-based PC. This product combines a PCI-based digital signal processing (DSP) board with a windows-based GUI development environment, allowing RT applications to be created graphically without writing a single line of code.