DSP SystemBuilder

Application Creation Using DSP SystemBuilder:

The DSP SystemBuilder Windows-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows quick and easy graphical design of real-time applications, thereby allowing users with limited DSP experience to create DSP applications without writing a single line of code.
DSP Applications are created by selecting function icons from toolbars, dropping them on the drawing pad, and connecting them appropriately.
Toolbars exist for simple math functions, advanced DSP functions, matrix functions, display functions, etc.
The DSP SystemBuilder GUI allows users to easily develop their own functions, thereby providing unlimited software flexibility.
The Automatic Source Code Generator (ASCG) is invoked directly from the GUI front end, and is responsible for generating the application, exactly as it is depicted in the drawing area.
The ASCG generates optimized assembly code directly (patent pending), bypassing the creation of higher level programs (in C, C++) and the inefficiencies associated with doing so. This method yields a dramatic increase in processor throughput.
An increase in processor throughput leads directly to a decrease in cost.
The ASCG is able to detect the existing hardware components and optimally partition the real-time application across all available processors.
Data is passed back to the PC using the Windows 95/98/NT device driver.
An array of preexisting data output or display methods (signified at right on the drawing area by the T - tap point), including frequency displays, time displays, image displays, 3-D displays and more, are available to the user and are completely configurable.

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Application Creation
DSP SystemBuilder

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